Can You Sue for Damages if Your Car Accident Happened on Ice?

In a world of imperfection, accidents are a part of life. No one will escape suffering injuries or mishaps at one point or another. Car accidents are not an uncommon source of this type of stress. Many factors can play a role in a car collision, including weather. If you were driving on icy roads and another vehicle colliding with yours, you still may be entitled to compensation. Your personal injury attorney will review your cases and look at all the elements of the accident.

The Other Driver’s Speed

Though the roads may have been icy, that doesn’t necessarily mean these conditions were the chief reasons for the incident. In poor weather, drivers should slow down and obey traffic laws. Doing saw significantly decreases the chances of having an accident. If you are doing your part to drive safely, but the other driver was speeding, your attorney can determine that this person was at fault for the accident and your injuries.

Driving Recklessly

When there is ice on the road, it is even more critical to practice safe driving. Along with driving under the speed limit in such circumstances, drivers should not follow the cars in front of them too closely or weave in and out of traffic. These activities significantly increase the chances of a person losing control of the vehicle and causing a crash. Your observations, eyewitness accounts and a police investigation could determine that the person that hit you was driving irresponsibly and that it wasn’t the ice that led to the accident.

Breaking Other Traffic Laws

While icy roads heighten the risk of car accidents, other issues could still be the culprits of your injuries. Your attorney will look at the police report, photos you took or bystanders’ testimonies that the other driver wasn’t obeying traffic laws. For example, the other driver may have run a red light or failed to stop at a stop sign.

Driving Under the Influence

Being behind the wheel and drinking do not mix. Throw icy roads into the equation, and you have a disastrous formula. If the other party was over the legal blood alcohol limit at the time of the accident, you have a good chance of suing for damages.

Get the Facts

Don’t assume just because your car accident occurred during poor weather and icy roads that you can’t recover damages. Speak to your lawyer, like an auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm, about the incident so you can thoroughly examine all factors in your case.

With the help of your skilled attorney, you can hold the offender accountable for your auto injuries. You can then pursue legal action and get the financial compensation you deserve.