Don’t Take on IRS By Yourself

Did you know that our nation’s tax code is more than 1,700 pages long? The code is highly detailed, complex and Don’t Take on IRS By Yourselfoften confusing. So, when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sends you a letter questioning figures cited in your latest tax return and threatening harsh penalties if you don’t respond immediately, it’s easy to get rattled and start thinking about how you can ever win against this powerful agency.

Even the slightest of mistakes on your taxes can cost you dearly in terms of money, time and jail time. Most IRS agents are courteous and act professionally, but not all. What should you do? You know you need help in settling your tax debt with the IRS. Do you contact an accountant, an attorney or a spiritual counselor? Maybe all three?

All joking aside, there are numerous benefits to hiring an experienced tax debt attorney, who is familiar with the law, the IRS and the overall process. 

Here are four reasons you should consider hiring such an attorney.

  • Expert Advisor. Most experienced tax attorney know the tax code inside and out. If they don’t know an answer, they can quickly access it from the IRS or other sources. In most cases, they can offer you a variety of solutions – and more options than a CPA or other tax professionals can offer – to address your tax problems.
  • Tax Attorney Client Privilege. Unlike communications with accountants and other non-lawyers, all communications between you and your attorney are strictly confidential. When you (or any client) are completely open and honest in disclosing information, your attorney can offer sound advice and represent you more effectively.
  • Representation with IRS. Your attorney can act as your intermediary when it comes to communicating with the IRS. In almost all cases, your attorney will be less emotional than you are about these issues and, consequently, more professional in communicating with the IRS.
  • Negotiating Skills. There is not always a standard formula to determine how much will be owed and/or which penalties the IRS will impose on the taxpayer. A tax debt attorney’s experience in negotiating with the agency and, if necessary, in tax court will often pay dividends for their clients.

The more serious the charges are against you, the more it makes sense to have a tax attorney in your corner. There are many options to consider when trying to reduce tax debt, as a lawyer, like a tax debt lawyer from New Haven, CT, at a firm like The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, can explain.