Hospital Lien

So, you have a personal injury case pending and you receive information about a hospital lien. You have never been involved in a personal injury case. Quite frankly you have never had to go to the hospital outside of being born. So it is understood if you do not understand what this is. Should you or someone you know be following a personal injury claim and are notified of a hospital filing a lien on your case speak with a personal injury attorney for more information.

Hospitals typically file liens on personal injury cases when there is no health insurance involved. Hospital liens are frightening to receive if you do not understand what they are, but they typically concern fines due to a hospital being sent to collections agency should they not be paid. However, this is not the end all be all. There are specific procedures in place that the hospital follows when a lien is filed and this is one way to ensure or guarantee that once your case is settled they will receive payment for their medical services with you in connection to this personal injury. Simply put, a hospital lien guarantees that the hospital will be paid.

Once you receive a hospital lien there is a notice of intent that should be filed which states that you intend to pay the hospital once your personal injury case is settled. There is a timeframe that this needs to be done, so if you do not have a personal injury attorney should you have a personal injury case and you receive a hospital lien, contact an attorney immediately. By speaking with and potentially hiring a personal injury attorney, this protects you and also assists you in making sure the hospital followed all the proper procedures when filing the lien in the event that they were not filed properly your chances of getting a reduction on that hospital bill increase.

In the process of recovering from a personal injury incident hospital bills and all other medical bills are very frustrating, this is why it is highly encouraged to hire a personal injury attorney to assist with the legwork while you focus on healing. Should you or someone you know be a victim of a personal injury incident speak with a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, Georgia as soon as possible so that you can focus on recovering while the attorney focuses on everything else.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and hospital liens.