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Ways Bicycle Accidents Occur

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

People who ride bicycles have a much higher chance of suffering major injuries on the road for many reasons. THey have less protections than drivers who are in vehicles, and they are much smaller and difficult to see by drivers. Unfortunately, many bicycle accidents happen all too often. Here are some of the most common accident scenarios involving cyclists that lawyers are familiar with and often see in their cases. 

Pulling out of a driveway

Driveways and parking spaces are one of the most common areas where bicycle accidents occur. Often people are in a rush, especially when they are leaving a parking area and do not check for pedestrians or cyclists. Whether it’s a neighborhood or a store parking area, cyclists are not often seen by drivers because the drivers do not check their mirrors or blind spots properly. Cyclists end up suffering minor to severe injuries as a result of this kind of negligence. 


One of the most common causes of bicycle accidents involve excessive speed, as an experienced bicycle accident lawyer like one at Hall Justice Law Firm LLC can explain. Drivers can travel at much higher speeds than cyclists, so they must be even more cautious when they are operating their vehicle near cyclists. Many drivers drive at high speeds even in residential areas or near bicycle lanes, putting cyclists at risk. When a cyclist is struck by a speeding vehicle, it often leads to injuries such as broken bones, punctured organs, or brain damage. 

Failure to yield 

A common cause of bicycle accidents is when drivers or cyclists fail to yield. In addition to following traffic signals and laws, everyone on the road must make eye contact with each other and use hand gestures to communicate where they intend to travel. Failing to yield can result in miscommunication, and an accident can happen when parties are confused about who has the right of way. 


Unsafe overtaking practices are another cause of bicycle accidents. It is common for drivers to get impatient when they get stuck behind a cyclist who is going much slower than them. Unfortunately, some drivers become so frustrated that they drive in a dangerous manner when they are traveling behind a cyclist. They may decide to cross a double lane or occupy the bike lane, making it harder for cyclists to maneuver around them. This behavior greatly increases the chance of an accident. 

Improper turns

Frequently drivers and cyclists make poorly timed or illegal turns because they are in a rush. Improper translation can result in devastating accidents and they can be deadly, especially when a vehicle is the one making the turn. They can slam into a cyclist, injuring them or killing them. 

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident and have sustained major injuries and financial losses, consult with a seasoned lawyer for legal counsel. Finding the right solution to a case can be challenging, so a lawyer will be able to give clear guidance so that you can recover damages.