Am I covered by worker’s compensation if I was injured at a company event?

Company events can be a welcome break from the day-to-day grind of a typical work week. Whether the company event is a holiday party, retreat at a ski lodge or a vacation spot, it is usually intended as a thank-you from the employer to their employees. Though it may be good-intentioned, it can result in disaster for one or more persons if they are injured during the event. A serious injury demands an answer to the question, “Who is responsible for paying the employee for their injury-related damages?” Workers compensation lawyers have represented numerous injured employees who were hurt in a wide range of accidents. Contact a law firm without delay to learn how they can help you as well.

Is an employer liable for injuries suffered by employees at a company sponsored event?

Workers compensation benefits are available to employees if they are injured while performing their job. But where does a company sponsored event fit it? For instance, if a person is injured while at a company party, even if the event was not held on company property, are they eligible for workers compensation benefits? The short answer is yes. If you have filed a workers compensation claim after getting hurt at a company function, under most circumstances you should be eligible to receive benefits. When consulting a workers compensation lawyer, they may ask you the following questions to verify whether or not you should qualify for benefits for your injury:

Was your attendance at the company event required as part of your job?

This is a critical question in many states as mandatory attendance to a company event makes the employer liable for injuries sustained by employees at that event. When the employer is liable, the employee should be eligible for workers compensation benefits. Consult a workers compensation lawyer to learn if you are eligible based on whether or not attendance was mandatory at your work event.

Were company-related activities involved, or was there a focus on the company during the event?

If the company paid for most or all of the event’s costs for the employees, and if the event was important for the employee’s job, an injury sustained during the event may be eligible for workers compensation benefits. Examples of this include employee motivational speeches, employee recognition awards, and state of the company type of presentations.

Does your company’s employee handbook specify whether or not employees will be paid to attend employer sponsored events such as outings and parties?

If it says that employees will be paid for their time to attend, or else they can use sick or vacation time should they choose to not attend, this makes a clear case for eligibility for workers compensation benefits.

Contact a Law Firm to Learn if You Are Entitled to Workers Compensation Benefits

If you were injured while attending a company function, regardless of where that function was held, you may be eligible for workers compensation benefits. Every case is different, so have yours reviewed by workers compensation lawyers in Queens, NY during a consultation.

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