Do You Need an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident If You Have Insurance?

The short answer to the question about whether you need an attorney after a motorcycle accident, even if you have insurance, is an emphatic yes. Any vehicle accident can lead to long term life consequences, but a collision involving a motorcycle can be much more damaging – or even deadly. To make sure you are adequately represented, here are a few things you should do after the accident.

Contact an Attorney

As soon as you can, contact an attorney to represent you against the other driver and the insurance company. To aid your case, do not forget to take photos of the accident scene and gather information from the other driver. If you are able, get the names and phone numbers of witnesses or bystanders. Remember, do not discuss the accident with anyone or ask for opinions that place blame. The opposing attorney can use that kind of information against you in their claim, which could impact your case.

See a Doctor

No matter how minor you believe your motorcycle accident was, being thrown from the vehicle can cause internal damage that you may not see or feel for days. Even if you were wearing a helmet and are able to walk away from the accident on your own, you can still have severe neck, back, or head injuries. To better understand the full extent of those injuries, see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Remember, your body will fill with adrenaline as soon as the impact occurs. That means much of the pain you are experiencing is hidden.

Keep Detailed Records

Keeping track of your economic losses and reporting them to your attorney will be your responsibility. Make sure you attend all doctor appointments and physical therapy sessions, and if you miss work while recovering from your accident, keep track. Collect receipts for personal services you must pay for that you can no longer accomplish, such as childcare, cleaning services, and domestic help. This will allow your lawyer to help you get the maximum amount of compensation you are due because of the accident.

Avoid Social Media 

Stop posting on social media until your case has been resolved because anything you post can be used against you. If you claim a back injury, but you go dancing at a local bar, it may look bad for your claim. Just refrain from posting until you are healed.

You do need the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer in Rochester, MN,  if you are in a motorcycle accident. Having professional help in fighting your claim will ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.



Thanks to Johnston Martineau, PLLP for their insight into whether or not you need a motorcycle accident lawyer if you are insured.