How Do I Protect My Rights After an Accident?

car accident attorney When you get into an accident when you least expect it, it can take a few moments to collect yourself. You may not know what to do because your mind is racing and processing the incident. Knowing what actions to take can make a big difference in how your case is resolved however. As a trusted car accident attorney like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm can explain to you, to make sure that your rights are protected following a serious car accident, it is best to follow the tips below. 

Don’t Forget to Call the Local Police Department

Call the police right away if you or another person get injured after an accident. If someone has suffered an injury or there has been property damage, you are required to attempt to contact the local police department and inform them that an accident occurred. If police are responding to other higher priority calls, they may not be able to reach you. However, you need to at least make an attempt to contact them. 

Don’t Refuse Medical Treatment

Do not refuse medical treatment after an accident. Because you may be going through an adrenaline rush, you might not notice the full extent of your injuries. Allow a doctor or first responder to give you medical attention so that they can treat you and write up a medical report. In case the insurance company challenges your claim, you have the report to back up your statement. 

Don’t Trust the Other Driver

When you are exchanging your contact, insurance and vehicle information after a car accident, be wary of the other driver. Watch what you say around them and make sure that you are giving them only the essential information. You should not trust them because you never know what their motives are. After any accident, it is best to keep your communication to a minimum and let a lawyer handle the communication. 

Don’t Apologize or Admit Fault 

One thing you should never do after being involved in an accident is to apologize to the driver, express guilt or accept blame. Your statement can be used against you in court, and it could cause your claim to be denied. It is too early to make any statements or conclusions about who is to blame, so even if you do have concerns that you contributed to an accident, keep them to yourself. 

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