Motorcycle Injuries


One of the attractions for motorcycle enthusiasts for riding is that they are able to enjoy the open road. Unfortunately, that open road opportunity also can mean catastrophic injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. Unlike being in a passenger vehicle that provides at least some protection upon an impact with another vehicle, there is nothing that protects a rider on a motorcycle should the bike get slammed into by a car.

Victims of motorcycle accidents should contact a skilled Scottsdale, AZ motorcycle accident lawyer to find out what legal recourse they have against the driver of the vehicle that hit them. Call a law office if you have been injured to find out how they can help.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Although an accident victim can sustain injuries that range from minor to catastrophic, the majority of injuries are ones that require medical attention immediately following the crash. The following are some of the more common injuries the clients we have represented suffered:

Head injuries: Injuries to the head are some of the most catastrophic injuries a motorcycle accident victim can sustain. The impact of the head smacking onto pavement or a vehicle can cause severe injury to the brain and the skull. The impact can cause the brain to swell. The impact can cause the skull to crack. This can result in tragic injuries or death for the victim. The victim’s neck is also vulnerable to injury in a crash. The only thing that protects a rider’s head from injury in a motorcycle crash is to wear a helmet at all times. However, riders need to make sure the helmet they wear is DOT approved. There is no guarantee that a helmet without that DOT seal will offer any kind of protection in an accident.

Muscle and nerve damage: Muscles and nerves are also susceptible to injury in a crash. These injuries can cause long-term injury and can also result in paralysis. In order to protect from these injuries, riders should wear protective gear, including jackets, pants or chaps, and gloves. Many riders wear leather, not because it is cool, but because it is one of the best materials to protect against injury in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Road rash: One of the most common injuries to motorcycle riders in an accident is road rash. The word “rash” may not accurately describe just how serious this injury can be, however. When a rider is thrown from their bike and slide across the pavement, the skin scrapes across the pavement. Road rash is very painful and poses a high-risk rate of infections or nerve damage. Although protective clothing can potentially minimize how bad a victim may suffer road rash, it is almost impossible to avoid. This is why it is critical to wear protective clothing made of leather or other strong material.


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