Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Residents in a nursing home and family members of those residents may feel clueless when it comes to knowing the rights of the patient. A resident should always feel safe and cared for and will hopefully feel like he or she is in a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, this is not always the situation, and it is important that patients and family members know the rights of nursing home residents and how to address issues should they arise. There are many rights that should be researched, but some of the most important ones are freedom from discrimination, freedom from abuse or neglect, and the right to have visitors.


Freedom from Discrimination

Patients should not be denied access to a nursing home facility based on race, gender, or social standing. Every patient should be treated equally regardless of his or her physical traits or medical conditions. If a person feels that they are denied access to care based on one of these factors, a nursing home lawyer, like a nursing home lawyer in Maryland, can help fight on the patient’s behalf.


Freedom from Abuse or Neglect

It is unacceptable for any patient to feel in danger around any level of caregiver. Abuse is not always just physical but can also be mental and emotional. Neglect is also sometimes overlooked but no less important. Family members must be watching for signs of either happening and contact an attorney who specializes in these cases. If it is happening to one resident, it could be happening to others with no one to defend them.


The Right to Have Visitors

If family members attempt to visit a resident and are denied more than once, this should raise a flag of concern. While patients may be quarantined at certain times to prevent the spread of an illness, they should not always be denied visitors. When there are no abnormal circumstances, patients should be allowed visitors at the specified visitation hours.


Patients in nursing homes may feel powerless to do anything about their situation. They are often already on a health decline and may feel that they cannot fight for themselves any more. Family members of the residents may feel uncertain about leaving a loved one in a care home and may wonder what to do when they see red flags in the facility. For those concerned about unfair treatment or denial of basic rights in a nursing home, a consultation with a nursing home attorney is recommended. He or she can help fight for the fair treatment and care that each and every resident deserves.


Thanks to Brown Kiely LLP for their insight into how nursing home residents should be treated and the importance of checking in on family members who live in a nursing home.