Signs of a Birth Injury For Babies 1-2+ Years of Age

When a baby is born, it is often the happiest moment in a parent’s life. Watching a little human grow inside of the womb and then getting to meet them in person can be a blissful and magical moment. The first couple of years in a baby’s life is a period of joy for the parents, as they witness their son or daughter growing and changing. However, this happiness can be quickly taken away if the baby suffered from a birth injury, and is exhibiting symptoms that something just isn’t right.

Many parents don’t realize that while their baby may be showing symptoms of injury at 1-2 years of age, the injury may have actually happened before, during, or briefly following delivery. The doctor or medical support staff may have been the ones who committed a major error or oversight, which led to the newborn being harmed. Trying to cover up their tracks or avoid a lawsuit, the medical team may have not informed the parents about the injury intentionally.

As the parent of a baby that is showing signs of a birth injury, you have the right to seek compensation from the at-fault parties who caused this to happen. Consider speaking with an attorney in your area for more information.

What signs of a birth injury develop between 12-24 months? 

Some symptoms of a birth injury may show up immediately after delivery, but others may take around 1-2 years to develop fully. The symptoms related to a birth injury become more obvious when babies miss milestones of cognitive and/or physical development. Birth injuries that may be seen during the first 12-24 months of age include:

  • Difficulties with crawling or walking
  • Ataxia (loss of bodily movements)
  • Spasticity (muscle spasms or poor muscle control)
  • Inability to walk, crawl, sit, or stand without support
  • Challenges related to grabbing utensils, cups, eating, or drinking
  • Head and eyes don’t turn towards loud noises
  • Doesn’t bring objects to mouth
  • Inability to pass a small item between both hands
  • Weak coordination
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • No speech, or delay in speech

Are there signs of birth injury that may come up much later?

Yes, it is possible for birth injury symptoms to present themselves after the 2 year mark. Parents and teachers may start to observe the child’s difficulties once they have entered preschool or elementary school. This is when a child’s cognitive and physical development can be compared to the stage of their peers. Symptoms to look out for once a child becomes of school-age include: 

  • Shakiness or tremors
  • Deafness
  • Not able to speak or understand full sentences
  • Issues with fine motor skills
  • Trouble walking up stairs or running
  • Muteness
  • Having trouble getting dressed, drinking, or eating without help
  • Hypertonia (stiff muscles)
  • Blindness

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is that parents who see any of these symptoms in their growing child visit a doctor that is not the one who performed the delivery, and then meet with a birth injury lawyer in Miami, FL for information about whether they have grounds for a birth injury lawsuit. 



Thanks to Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. for their insight into personal injuries and signs of birth injuries.